Keeping it healthy, while eating out

If you are like me, you become a little hesitant when going out to eat.  I am always worried that I will break my diet or that I will over indulge.   I have found that there are many ways to make sure this does not happen.

That first thing that I do when eating out is see what kinds of salads they have.  If I do not like their choices or that is not what I am craving, then I see if they have a “healthy section.”  This type of section is becoming more popular in restaurants today.  If all else fails, I go with what I want to have (even if it is not on the healthier side), but I will substitute a side salad for french fries.  The one thing that you need to watch when doing a side salad is that you are going with a healthier dressing.  If you get ranch, that kills the idea of having a healthy salad.

hirobaLast night I went to Hiroba Sushi Bar.  Sushi is one of the healthier items that you can choose when eating out, you will just need to pace yourself and make sure you do not over indulge.  To help with this, eat slower and take your time.  This will allow for you body to recognize that you are full before you over eat.

For me, I am not a big raw fish eater.  I like the rolls that have a crunch to them as well.  Since I do like the ones with a crunch (normally with crystal shrimp), I try to limit myself even more.

rollWhen I went to the sushi bar last night, I got three rolls.  A Hiroba roll (their signature roll), a Paradise roll, and a Kwon roll.  These are my personal favorites at Hiroba.  Two of my three rolls had the crystal shrimp and one does not.  I took my time eating and made sure I did not over indulge on sushi.

Then came the guilty part.  The dessert.  I typically do not eat dessert when I go out to eat, but it does come with all you can eat sushi at Hiroba.  I went with chocolate mochi.

Another way, that you can make sure you are eating a healthier meal when you are out, is to avoid soda with your dinner.  Have a glass of water or an iced tea.

Do not let eating out stump you on your diet.  There is always a way to get what you want and not have that guilty feeling.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you eat healthy when you are out to dinner.

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One thought on “Keeping it healthy, while eating out

  1. I too often overindulge when I eat out. I also first look at the salad section and then try to look at the healthier options. I try to make smart decisions when eating out but sometimes it is so hard when there are so many delicious options that you I am craving! I like to see that others try to make decisions like I do at restaurants, thanks for sharing!!

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