The start to healthy and gluten free eating.

Hello, my name is Ashley Cook.  I am going to be talking about healthy meal idea’s and gluten free idea’s.  Healthy eating has become very popular and I want to help people achieve goals that include eating healthier.  I also want to be able to help those with Celiac’s Disease or those that cannot have gluten for other reasons.

Celiac’s Disease is very common in my family and has become common in the world.  If you are like some of my family members with this, it is a difficult change to deal with.  I want to help make it easier to adjust to the meals and show you that it can still taste good and you do not have to cut out the things you love.  I am going to show you idea’s that range from main dishes, side dishes and even great desserts.  Do not let this take over your life when it can be simple to adjust to.

I am going to prepare many meal throughout the week that are easy to make and keep you healthy.  I will use lots of vegetables and fresh ingredients and stay away from all of the packaged food.  Many of these meals will also be quick and easy so you can make them during your busy schedule during the week.  If you follow me, I can help you get your life on a healthy path and show you that cooking healthy can be fun and easy.  Don’t be afraid to try out a healthier diet as it can be fun and easy.


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